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Hollie’s story – RiiG’s first apprentice

I am Hollie, RiiG’s first apprentice. There are three major aspects to my apprenticeship and my time is split between these. Firstly, I am studying towards my NVQ qualification in Business and Administration. Secondly, I am completing, on the job claims insurance training with iteam. Lastly, I have started studying for my Cert CII.

I came across RiiG’s partner training company online, and was intrigued to find out what they offered and what apprenticeships they did. I applied and had to undertake a few tests, allowing the training company to assess my academic level.

After doing these, we looked at the available courses and I chose the Business and Administration apprenticeship as this appealed to me. The training company then set out to find a course that was best suited to me.

I was introduced to RiiG, which had an opportunity to work in insurance claims, work away from home, and learn whilst doing this. At first this was rather overwhelming. The idea of working away from home was intriguing, exciting and daunting all at the same time.

Preparing for my interview, I had to research a motor accident case and from a brief summary provided, give a liability decision and explain how I had reached that outcome. While doing this, I was interested to see how insurance works, and also the job itself.

On the day of my interview, I was nervous to say the least. But, as I was sat waiting to go into the room, I let go of my nerves. At that moment, I was asked to go in for my interview.

I could only be myself, which helped as the conversation was flowing and I felt comfortable. At the end of the interview, I was so pleased with how everything had gone. I could go home knowing I had done everything possible to ensure I was given the apprenticeship.

The worst part was the waiting; I’m an impatient person, which didn’t help in this situation. But I can now say it was all worth it.

I started my RiiG apprenticeship at the end of October 2012; I have achieved a huge amount in a short time. From working in a pub, restaurant and night club; I am now dealing with insurance claims on a daily basis. I thank all at RiiG for everything they have done for me so far and look forward to my future with the company.

I can now see a career for myself; something I never thought possible. I have high expectations of myself, and will ensure I achieve these.