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RiiG Limited Implant Teams Called to Assist Over Christmas and New Year Weather Surge

London, UK. January 23, 2014 – RiiG Limited (RiiG), a leading provider of claims management and consultancy solutions to the UK insurance profession and financial services sector today announced that its insourced claims handling operation, iteam, has seen property specialists deployed to a number of client sites to assist with weather related claims.

RiiG Limited teams were deployed to client locations across the UK within days of notification for assistance with projects including assistance with FNOL and back office technical support.

“RiiG Limited’s iteam reacted extremely well in what was a busy period for us” commented Gordon Vater, RiiG Limited CEO. He added, “We are pleased that we have been able to assist a number of existing and new clients at a time of need”.

Additionally, RiiG Limited’s field investigation service, verify, experienced an increase of 250 percent over the Christmas and New Year period. Field visits were largely carried out within SLA, with resources deployed right across New Year.

Gordon Vater, CEO, RiiG Limited commented “It has been a busy time for the industry. The recent weather event, whilst devastating for many individuals, was not a huge weather event for the general insurance industry. It has, however been a wake-up call for the industry and we will wait to see in the coming weeks how the industry as a whole has performed. I suspect some will have performed well, but others may have some work still to come”