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RiiG Limited Launches The Claims Academy

London, UK. 03 August, 2015 – RiiG Limited (RiiG), a leading provider of claims management and consultancy solutions to the UK insurance profession and financial services sector, today announces the launch of its specialist claims training programme, The Claims Academy.

The insurance industry has been notoriously short-sighted in developing and training staff. Recognising that the insurance talent pool has not deepened in recent years, the RiiG Limited management team believes that it is now vital to introduce new talent to the sector. It aims to do this through its new initiative, the Claims Academy, a structured training programme focused on delivering the next generation of insurance claims professionals.

The goal of the Claims Academy is to generate 200 graduates within the next three years. These graduates will not only serve to fuel the expansion of the RiiG Limited business, but also support the growth of the wider UK insurance industry.

The Claims Academy’s launch programme is a two-stage course, aimed at A-level school leavers. It has been specifically created for talented young people who are academically bright but might not wish to attend university. The course has been designed to assist students with the development of both technical and soft skills, which will provide foundations integral to their long-term insurance career.

September 2015 will mark the inaugural intake of 12 students on to the first stage of the Claims Academy Programme. The 8-12 week dedicated and focused claims training programme will be held at RiiG Limited’s Brighton offices, with subsequent programmes planned to be held in Leeds and Birmingham. Students will experience formal classroom training, a secondment to a RiiG Limited client or project team and have the opportunity to gain Cert CII qualifications.

Stage two offers successful Claims Academy graduates the prospect to join a salaried, two-year training programme and take further professional exams (CII’s Diploma in Insurance and Advanced Diploma), funded by the Claims Academy.

Helen Smith, Head of Talent and Performance, RiiG Limited said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for exceptional and talented school leavers who are eager to pursue a career in insurance. Claims Academy students have the chance to develop key insurance skills and qualifications and gain a head start in their career development without going to university.”

She continued, “The Claims Academy is essentially a training and development facility for the future generation of claims consultants. It is a one-stop-shop that allows students to gain essential knowledge and practical experience of working in the insurance industry. We expect the programme to be highly competitive and will select the first 12 candidates by 28th August.”

Gordon Vater, CEO, RiiG Limited commented “The capabilities of our people are essential for the future growth of RiiG Limited. We are a high performance claims consultancy and our Claims Academy initiative demonstrates our ongoing commitment to cultivate talent, for ourselves and for the industry as a whole.”

He added, “A lack of talent impacts the UK insurance industry’s ability to compete on a global stage. Developing and training staff to a high standard is crucial to maintaining a competitive position. We are confident that the Claims Academy will set a new standard in professional insurance claims training. Our goal is for the Claims Academy training to become the standard against which all claims professionals will be judged.”

Claims Academy candidates can apply via the Claims Academy website,