iteam is an outsourced solution, provided on an insourced basis.

We recognised that insurers and retail banks required a greater influence on some of their outsource arrangements. As a result we developed iteam to fit this situation.

iteam comprises teams of highly skilled claims and general insurance technicians, who can be implanted into client operations. These teams are managed by RiiG Limited and we work with the client’s operational management to ensure our project objectives are jointly achieved. The teams operate seamlessly, utilising client systems and philosophies. This approach reduces potential rework and is a very visible solution within client operations.

Teams operate across the UK in all major classes of general insurance; complaints and other financial services areas. Our staff are highly experienced, professional, driven and highly motivated. Above all, they and the solution have been proven - time and time again - to deliver significant cost savings, improved customer experience and value for money.

The iteam solution is bespoke to clients’ needs and each team is selected for your project; be it driven by a recruitment need, work surge, business change/transformation, or a specific, focused project.