Your reputation in the industry is as important to surety as it is to you. Our service will guarantee to enhance that reputation.

Surety is a unique and professional trading arm of RiiG Limited. The service provided is principally as handlers of credit hire claims, whether in-house or at clients’ own facilities.

RiiG Limited Surety personnel have experience with credit hire claims throughout the history of the industry and possess very considerable legal and general motor claims experience; comprehensive knowledge of the Association of British Insurers’ General Terms of Agreement; familiarity with industry case law; judicial expectation and the costs of litigation. All of which assists RiiG Limited clients in bringing a claim to a successful and fitting conclusion.

We also offer a service for the auditing of credit hire claims. A comprehensive audit takes place at the clients’ offices the findings of which are presented shortly after, complete with a breakdown of each section of leakage. The audit provides management with the opportunity to target those areas where retraining is necessary.

However, as any claims manager at an insurance company or CHO knows, the first point of attack on any credit hire claim is culpability. A CHO stands to gain nothing if a vehicle has been provided to a client who was largely or entirely responsible for the event.

RiiG Limited has a comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of liability. Attendees complete a course having gained knowledge of case law that they would not have believed possible. Once the course is completed, the full manual of motor vehicle-specific case law covering well over 200 cases is available for purchase. This manual is updated regularly at no extra charge.