Who we are

We are not the ‘norm’. We are true experts with a passion for resolving claims-related issues. We're practical, focused, and innovative.

By having the best people with the right skill sets, our highly-expert team strives to enhance customers’ brand propositions by delivering substantial and lasting improvements in their claims performance and complaints handling.
Our approach embraces four key values.

  • People: Our People | Your People | Future People
  • Quality: Right first time | Commitment | Ownership
  • Financial: Consistent & Sustainable Profitability
  • Development: | Ourselves | Business | New Generation


The origins of our organisation can be traced back to 2000, when the loss adjusting business, Claims People Group, was launched and floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

We believed that an insurer’s service stands and falls by the quality of its claims service, and our aim was to bring claims to the forefront of the insurance sector: to make claims service the real differentiator for all of our customers.

The business grew quickly from a small four-man office into a 3,000 sq ft call centre, and in 2005, a client asked us to insource staff into its operation. This was a departure from our loss adjusting model, and iteam was born. Through iteam, we demonstrated that with our management and the correct skill sets, real cost savings could be achieved. In turn, our client’s customers received a much better service.
We grew and developed our iteam product into other claims-related areas; casualty; property, etc. Clients started to ask us to provide consulting services, giving feedback on service and technical issues, and thus a formal consultancy service was created.

In 2008/2009, we changed our name. Our business had changed and our services now included implant teams; audit and recruitment. This was starting to conflict with our core adjusting services and our name, ‘Claims People Group’, did not accurately reflect and truly embrace the areas in which the business wished to move to, or was undertaking. We also recognised that, as an industry, adjusting was facing tough times and that new solutions were needed. We therefore sold the adjusting arm of the business and rebranded the company, Resources in Insurance Group (RIIG).

Since then we have continued to develop our services. These have been traditionally in the claims arena for insurers, but we also now operate in the much wider sphere of UK Financial Services, including affinity groups; banks and actuarial services.

In 2013, Chairman, John French and CEO, Gordon Vater, led a management buyout and all operations were transferred to a new company, RiiG Limited, which continues all trading activities.

Our original belief and aims still hold true today. By having the best people with the right skill sets, we can protect and enhance our clients’ brands whether we are handling claims; processing policy administration queries; auditing suppliers; undertaking field investigations or dealing with complaints for regulatory bodies.